Launching and Leading a Creative Product: LadyFaire Magazine

In March of 2020, we all sequestered in our homes. What’s a Creative to do? What’s a Collaborator to do? What’s a Leader to do? Make something, that’s what. Having a project to dive into gave respite from the strain of being trapped inside with no major creative project to manage.

I hopped on Facebook and Zoom to gather a team of like-minded, intelligent women. We all work in creative fields and are connected to the world of Renaissance festivals, with decades of experience at various faires across the country. And thus, LadyFaire Magazine was born, debuting October 1, 2020. On April 17, 2021, we hit the first big milestone: 10,000 website views.

I am abundantly proud. In the 12 months of our limited-run project, we created content ranging from archery to seasonal recipes to ancient fairy tales from around the world. Travel hacks and tea varietals are shared, stunning weddings depicted. It’s really, really lovely.

In what may have been our most ambitious undertaking, we gathered a group of BIPOC from festivals all over the country and held a series of Zoom sessions and Facetime calls that resulted in a two-part informative piece about diversity in the Renaissance festival world. It was eye-opening, and we are grateful to all those who were willing to be interviewed.

Cover Photo Production Credits: Josh Baker of AzulOx Visuals. Model is Jennifer Lynn Larsen Headdress by Jennifer Ayers Bow by Grozer Archery Quiver, Thumb Ring by The Flying Hun-Archery and Leather