Imaginative, joyful text, in written and spoken form, for creative entrepreneurs.

Inspired Inklings is a bespoke communications service led by Kim Bryant. With career experience gleaned equally in classroom and art-driven venues, Kim brings a passion for language and a drive for meticulous excellence to creative businesses, particularly those of an artistic bent, to craft messaging that’s story-driven, on-brand, and well-executed. We understand the needs of themed festivals, theatrical productions, and small, independent artisans.


From social media posts to landing page copy, we can deliver copy that tells your story, disseminates vital information, or communicates with your audience.

Blog Post or article (500-2,000 words)$75-125
Copy: website, brochure, etc$50
E-Commerce description per item$20


Your business creates an impression with its written messaging, and that impression should be one of accuracy and competence. Let us read your work, checking for spelling and grammar as well as structure and content.

If you’re a student whose classwork needs to be high quality, we can help you edit and proofread essays and theses, allowing your learning to shine.

Fes are word-count based so that we have an accurate picture of the scale of the project.

Proofreading Only
One week turnaround$.03
24-hour turnaround$.06
Proofreading and Editorial
One week turnaround$.08
24-hour turnaround$.12


A veteran actress with over 30 years of experience singing as well as speaking, trained with the University of Houston’s Master’s degree of theatre, Kim Bryant can deliver a professional, engaging V/O in American or Standard British for your audiobook, commercial, or podcast.

0-2 minutes, 300 words or less$50-124
2-5 minutes, 300-750 words$125-249
5-15 minutes, 750-2250 words$250-374
15-30 minutes, 2250-4500 $375-499
30-45 minutes, 4500-6000 words$50-625
45+ minutes, 6000+ wordscustom quote

I had a special request from a video production client, a British Accent female voice-over. A friend suggested Kim so she sent me an short audition clip and the client loved it. She got the job and delivered great inflection of the rather lengthy corporate script and totally brought it to life, a pleasure to the listening ear. Plus she delivered the script in a pitch perfect English accent. Kim did an excellent job with the read and was a true professional to work with. I cant wait to see what accent my clients come up with next because I know she can deliver.

— Gary Parker, Dynamic Global Media