Wake Up Call Results in New Partnership for Coffee Giant Deja Brew

Created as a sample press release for graduate studies, the task was to blend the fictional Deja Brew with a real company (for academic purposes). Terra Genesis, while a real company, is not involved in any way with this story. But the sample press release is an example of the quality writing I create.

Renewing Their Commitment to Core Values: Fair-Trade, Clean Energy, and Sustainable Agriculture

The Woodlands, Texas – September 11, 2022 – The Deja Brew Coffee Company announced a new partnership with Terra Genesis International, a regenerative design consultancy that specializes in helping large-scale agriculture and business clients to “redesign their supply chains and incorporate agricultural practices that regenerate soil, increase biodiversity, and boost business,” according to Foodtank.com. The partnership is in response to recent revelations that the coffee giant has been sourcing beans from large suppliers who do not follow the fair-trade practices that Deja Brew has claimed to support since its inception. The new initiative is aimed at:

  • Supporting local farmers in developing cost-effective methods of production, sale, and transport to ethical suppliers while addressing the issues of poverty and inequity in the coffee farming community;
  • Incentivizing supply chain companies to use environmentally friendly fuels and less wasteful packing methods;
  • Educating customers and team members alike in the importance and practice of using purchase power to enable sustainable farming practices.

Earning the Trust of Customers by Partnering with Terra Genesis International

A young man, Deja Brew CEO Lance Puckett, addresses concerns about the company's direction, assuring employees of the return to fair-trade practices.
Deja Brew CEO Lance Puckett addresses concerns about the company’s direction, assuring employees of the return to fair-trade practices.
Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

“I take full responsibility for not upholding the values that Deja Brew Coffee Company was founded on, those of protecting the planet and its peoples from the ravages of irresponsible farming practices. We let our bottom line determine our choices, and that was a mistake. It is my hope that this partnership with Terra Genesis International will return us to our roots and enable us to recover the trust of our customers as well as our team members,” said Deja Brew CEO Lance Puckett, in a statement.

Local Farmers and Supply Chain Management are Top Priority.

A closer look at coffee beans, led by front-line farmers. A farmer's hand is seen handling coffee plants.
A closer look at coffee beans, led by the front-line farmers.
Photo by Og Mpango on Pexels.com

The initiative has already begun its work; teams consisting of members from local farming communities, scientists from leading university agriculture programs, and experts in supply chain management are convening in Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa, walking the various locally owned coffee fields as well as touring the shipping locations to identify challenges and discover solutions to the issues facing both coffee farmers and suppliers.

A spokesperson for the nonprofit Grounds for Change says, “Fair-trade certified coffee directly supports a better life for farming families in the developing world through fair prices, community development, and environmental stewardship.”

Ethics Matter.

A table is set with cups of coffee, baked snacks, and books. People's hands cand be seen, they are enjoying their coffee.
Customers can look forward to enjoying their favorite coffee knowing that it is, as promised, supporting their values.
Photo by Viktoria Alipatova on Pexels.com

Deja Brew Coffee Company is renewing its commitment to fair-trade, ethical, sustainable coffee bean production that empowers local farmers while preserving the planet. Its partnership with Terra Genesis International, which is already effective and enacted, should be an opportunity for Deja Brew to demonstrate good faith to coffee drinkers, employees, and shareholders that good farming makes good business and good coffee.

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