A Life Driven To Make a Positive Impact

Hello! My name is Kim Bryant, and I am pleased to introduce you to my life’s work and mission.

I am a woman of many interests, goals, and dreams. As a writer, I create essays that are personal and inspirational, they are my ministry, my spiritual work. I believe that sharing stories with each other is a path to healing and wholeness, and that only by bringing our struggles into the bright light of day will we learn and grow. I am also proud of my children’s literature, with my first book, about an eight year old differently-abled girl named Blue, slated for publication later this year. Occasionally, I dabble in voiceover work, recording spots for radio or industrials. I hope to record my children’s book upon its publication!

As a professional, I am driven to be excellent, and to lead by serving. You’ll just as often find me picking up garbage that’s been left on the ground by a guest as you will behind a computer or in front of a white board. Collaboration is one of my strong suits; the people I lead describe me as a good listener and a fair decision-maker. Attention to detail is another. Executing a two-day educational fine arts event with an attendance of over 40,000 students and teachers is a massive undertaking with many moving parts, from ticketing to scheduling. My professional life has been seasoned by years in the classroom, where lessons about effective communication, immediate decision-making, creative problem-solving, and time management are vital.

I am utterly proud of the project LadyFaire Magazine. Birthed when Covid shut down Renaissance and Medieval festivals all over the country, the magazine was a way to keep the spirit of the Renaissance woman alive and vibrant. I lead a team of twenty women who write fantastic pieces about history, women of note, and lifestyle.

The magazine’s mission is one of inclusion and empowerment, with articles addressing racism and inequity in the festival world, as well as telling the stories of women who have built tremendous careers and influence both in the festival community and the world-at-large. In fact, story is a pillar of the magazine, with fairy tales, curated by a scholar in the field, as well as deep-dives into the lives of historical women like Hildegarde von Bingen featured on our pages.

It is an honor to ignite the creative spark among this talented cohort.

The overarching name of my business and personal endeavors, Inspired Inklings, is inspired by the influential women of my life, all of them storytellers in their own right: my paternal grandmother, a warrior with a gentle heart. A survivor of a polio epidemic that swept the United States in the early twentieth century, she lived a vibrant life undeterred by the challenges her body faced; my maternal grandmother, who sat for hours to watch birds and taught me to do the same, she cared for her plants and flowers with such tender love that they flourished into truly astounding gardens; and my children, Hilary, Travis, and Libby, all artists and creators who teach me each day about courageous, imaginative living. All of them are an inspiration, with indomitable fairy spirits.

A little note about the dandelion: I use the dandelion as the logo and symbol for all my work because in 2018, I wrote an essay about the dandelion field at the end of my street when I was just ten years old. I used to catch little tickle-bees and carry them to school and put them in my pencil box until recess. The interior of my pencil box, and my hand, would be covered in yellow pollen. I made wishes on the dandelion seeds.

When I hit “publish” on that essay, I knew I wanted to redirect my life. I wanted to reconnect with spirituality, write, and find a place to work that was healthy. And so the dandelion became the symbol of a reimagining of what my life could be.