Using The Written Word to Make a Positive Impact

No matter what your organization, its size, its mission, or its product, it comes down to the people who inhabit it. They are essential. And clear, effective communication is the key to your success. Organizational communication comes in a wide array of methods: emails, speeches, press releases, newsletters, social media, and blogs are all effective tools, but only if used in a compelling, competent way. And nothing is more compelling than authentic personal connection.

I am a woman of many interests, goals, and dreams. As a writer, I create essays that are personal and inspirational, they are my ministry, my spiritual work. I believe that sharing stories with each other is a path to healing and wholeness, and that only by bringing our struggles into the bright light of day will we learn and grow. I am also proud of my children’s literature, with my first book, about an eight-year-old disabled girl named Blue, slated for publication later this year. Occasionally, I dabble in voiceover work, recording spots for radio or industrials.

I am immensely proud of the project LadyFaire Magazine. Birthed when Covid shut down Renaissance and Medieval festivals all over the country, the website served to keep the spirit of the Renaissance woman alive and vibrant. I led a team of twenty women who wrote fantastic pieces about history, women of note, and lifestyle.

The magazine’s mission has been one of inclusion and empowerment, with articles addressing racism and inequity in the festival world, as well as telling the stories of women who have built tremendous careers and influence both in the festival community and the world at large. In fact, storytelling is a pillar of the magazine, with fairy tales, curated by a scholar in the field, as well as deep dives into the lives of historical women like Hildegarde von Bingen featured on our pages.

With career experience gleaned in entertainment businesses like the Disney Company and the Texas Renaissance Festival as well as small art-driven venues, I know I can bring a gift for language, a knack for connection, and a drive for meticulous excellence to creative businesses, particularly those of an artistic bent, to craft messaging both inward- and outward-facing that’s story-driven, on-brand, and well-executed.